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“Lotion for Your Hair”

This stuff is magic for my fine, thin, wavy, frizz-prone hair. I prefer to use it on dry hair to calm frizz and ease dryness throughout the day. This was recommended to me by a hairdresser that specializes in curly and wavy hair, and she described it as "lotion for your hair", which I think is perfect. It absorbs easily into my hair instead of just coating it, and I think in the 7 months I've used it my hair has improved a lot. I'm seeing less split ends and can go longer between trims.


Like a walk in a morning mountain garden…

I Truly Love It

Hello, my name is Liliana, I live in Wisconsin, originally from Romania. I was visiting my family for Easter in Michigan, and stopped at Amy's Salon in Commerce Township to get my hair done. When she was washing my hair I started to smell something sooo beautiful (like a walk in a morning mountain garden) and asked what she is using? Loma she said. I really wish to have some for myself, I replied. Then she gave me a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. I TRULY LOVE IT. I don't get to Michigan often, but I would love to know how to get some more?! GOD BLESS YOU ALL for the beautiful gift you have, to bring such lovely products to the world. Thank you from my heart.

Thank you to your Maximum Volumizing Solution

I actually had a good hair day for about the second time in all my life, thank you to your Maximum Volumizing Solution. I have baby fine hair that doesn’t stay straight or styled after 30 seconds but this totally has changed my hair for the better, so thank you!